News – May 15, 2018

Official Launch of the ReSViNET Foundation

Today, we proudly announce the official launch of the ReSViNET Foundation as a registered not-for-profit entity under Dutch law. After four years of building and shaping the network, and months of preparation, the ReSViNET Foundation has officially been founded. 

As a foundation ReSViNET is now a financially and otherwise independent regulated entity which represents a major milestone for the entire ReSViNET project. Since the inception of ReSViNET network in 2014, we have continuously been working to fulfil our Vision and Mission: to decrease the global burden of RSV infection through the advancement of research; providing scientific input; involvement in clinical trials; and organising conferences and offering platforms to share the latest developments and  reports on groundbreaking studies and in this way helping to move the field forward.

We are exceptionally proud to be the first official Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) foundation and aim to foster global collaboration among researchers, the health sector, governments, international statutory bodies, non-profit organisations and the wider civil society in an effort to coordinate actions and raise awareness about RSV infection and to tackle the challenge of RSV infection prevention and treatment. RSV acute lower respiratory infection (ALRI) is one of our most significant global healthcare challenges, not only in infants, but also in older adults and no vaccine is licensed for prevention. It is already affecting 33.1 million children under 5 years of age worldwide. 

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