Julius Clinical is the research organisation that is able to combine the latest scientific insights with operational excellence to find credible, creative, cost-effective solutions for clinical trials.

We have a strong and committed network of academic leaders and investigators around the world in a variety of therapeutic areas.

We are partners with key medical centers, academic leaders, and investigators which ensure commitment and adherence to study guidelines of local clinicians all around the world.

We have access to sites and eligible patients for clinical trials.

We offer the peer-to-peer leadership model: enhanced recruitment and retention through leadership of investigators in our networks.

Where we come from

Julius Clinical was founded in 2008 as a spin-off from the clinical project unit of the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care a part of the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht. The Julius Center and Julius Clinical are both named after the same professor of health sciences: Henri Willem Julius (1901-1977). Julius devoted his career to medical education and modern research methodology. He was one of the first to recognise the importance of and need for randomised trials. Julius Clinical’s culture of continuous learning and innovation closely resembles his goals and aspirations.

Fewer than thirty people worked at Julius Clinical in 2008 and we now have 150. While our size may be viewed as negative by some, we see it as a strength: we have the ability to react to changes in requirements very quickly and this flexibility gives us a competitive advantage over our larger competitors. The strong presence in Europe is reflected in the network of CRAs in most European countries and with our close links with major European research clinics.

Julius Clinical partners with major academic research organisations such as Duke Clinical Research Institute, The Cleveland Clinic in the USA and George Institute in Australia. This strengthens our global capabilities by providing access to many populations and the ability to conduct large studies in shorter time frames.

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Who we are today

Our internationally recognised academic leaders are actively involved in the design, conduct, and interpretation of clinical trials. This scientific expertise and credibility combined with operational excellence means that we are uniquely equipped to assist in providing answers for today’s clinical drug development challenges.

We offer end-to-end CRO services in specific therapeutic areas based on our scientific expertise. But we are also able to manage all aspects of sites – from selection of sites to administration.

We work with independent scientists supporting peer to peer approach of investigators.

We closely cooperate with key opinion leaders to support scientific oversight and decide on the optimal operational model.  We established international investigator networks to better recruit patients. Our scientists formulate research questions and ideas that we present to a Sponsor.

Due to the way we are structured and our willingness to look at innovative solutions, we have the ability and flexibility to react to changes in requirements very quickly. We are able to look beyond process to address the real issues that matter, and work with our site networks and clinical research experts to provide tailor-made, cost effective proposals addressing the needs of Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies, as well as Investigators sponsoring a trial.

We specialise in distinct therapeutic areas including cardiovascular, central nervous system, infectious diseases, metabolic diseases and oncology and can offer a full service proposal or separate functional services as required. Our expertise ranges from early phase to post registration, and we advocate use of RWE if this enhances the outcome of the project.

Our collaborative approach has led to many long standing relationships with a reputed client base.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision
To improve healthcare for everyone with clinical research that is deeply rooted in academic medicine and through operational excellence.  

Our Mission
To be the role model for and the market leader in the academic clinical research industry.

We will do this by focusing on our core strengths of:  

  • Providing independent, innovative and high quality clinical services to our clients and academia,  
  • Responding to the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry by offering scientifically credible, creative and cost-effective alternatives for current clinical research practices, and  
  • Developing and publishing clinical research on innovative products that impact the practice of medicine.

Our Values

Science is in our DNA. We start with science in mind to develop solutions for our clients. 

We create, unique, tailor-made and effective processes for our clients using our global mindset, focus and footprint.  

We believe in true collaboration, demonstrated by our personal interactions with our investigators, partners, clients and our employees

We are focused on advancing science and scientific development; we are always looking for creative ways to succesfully run trials, including new ways to ensure high patient acquisition and retention, the goal being high quality trial results and data.

Socially Responsible
We believe in giving back to society by supporting drug research for low income countries, supporting investigator initiated trials, and sharing knowledge with our peers through the publication of trial results.

Our Leadership Team

Aize Smink

Chief Executive Officer

Aize joined Julius Clinical in December 2015. He values true cooperation and a partnership approach with our client base as well as with academic partners and site networks to achieve real innovative results.

He has over 25 years of c

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Hans van Dijk

Chief Operating Officer

For over 25 years, Hans has been supporting the clinical development of novel therapies across various therapeutic areas, but in particular, cardiovascular and metabolic indications. His experience covers the full range of clinical development f

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Rick Grobbee

Chief Scientific Officer

Diederick E. (Rick) Grobbee is Chief Scientific Officer at Julius Clinical and a Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht, the Netherlands. His other current role includes Chair of the focus area Circulator

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Arnoud Huisman

Chief Commercial Officer

Arnoud joined Julius Clinical in June 2018. He believes that success is driven by focus, commitment, getting it done, organisational talent and an intrinsic motivation to increase people’s personal performance.

Arnoud has 25 years of succ

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