Prof. Joost Hoekstra

Therapeutic Areas

  • Metabolic diseases

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Prof. dr. Joost Hoekstra's scientific expertise is focused on clinical diabetology. In this broad area he supported some 20 PhD students and gave numerous lectures, primarily within the Netherlands. He was co-author of some 200 scientific publications, the majority of which dealt with diabetes subjects.  

Theraputic areas and expertise

1974: registration as medical doctor, Utrecht University  1975: registration as general practitioner, Utrecht University  1981: registration as internist, Academic Hospital Utrecht  1982: thesis: C-peptide, clinical and biochemical studies, Utrecht University  1982-2001: internist Diakonessenhuis Utrecht  2001-2014: professor of internal medicine, Academic Medical Centre, University of  Amsterdam  2014 - present: Scientific officer Julius Clinical; internist St Antonius Hospital, Nieuwegein


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