CNS diseases

Julius Clinical is active in the field of diseases affecting the central nervous system (CNS), managing trials involving patients with a range of neurological or psychiatric disorders.

For example, the SAPHIR study (Alzheimer's disease) which focusses on Safety and Tolerability of PQ912 in Subjects With Early Alzheimer's Disease and the EUFEST study (schizophrenia) which focused on patients with schizophrenia, while the PINE study assessed an intervention to prevent post-herpetic neuralgia. 

Thought Leaders

Prof. Philip Scheltens

Philip Scheltens, MD, PhD is Professor of Cognitive Neurology and Director of the Alzheimer Center at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, as well as Honorary Professor of Neurology at University College London.

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Emerging amyloid and tau targeting treatments for Alzheimer’s disease

Khan, Ayesha, Anne Corbett, and Clive Ballard. "Emerging amyloid and tau targeting treatments for Alzheimer’s disease." Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics just-accepted (2017).

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