DISCOVER was a non-interventional study to describe the disease management patterns and clinical evolution over three years in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients initiating a second line anti-diabetic treatment.

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The aim of the DISCOVER study was to describe the patient characteristics, evolution of disease management patterns and clinical outcomes over three years in individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus who are initiating a second-line anti-diabetic therapy in real world settings. DISCOVER was a global, prospective, non-interventional study conducted in 38 countries across six continents. The study has enrolled about 16,000 patients, who were followed up for three years. Julius Clinical recruited 172 patients from 56 different sites in the Netherlands.

Data was collected during routine visits from three different sources:

  • electronic medical records, when available;
  • electronic case report forms (eCRFs), which include additional patient clinical data provided by the investigator; and
  • patient-reported outcomes questionnaires completed by patients.